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Amanda Gregory

Amanda Gregory
World Languages, Director of Summer Institute
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
M.A., University of Wisconsin
B.A., University of Georgia
Upper School
World Languages, Summer Institute

“I make no secret of my love for the Classical world in my classroom; I think all my students know I’m teaching something that’s supremely important to me.”

As a child, forbidden from bringing a book to mass, Dr. Amanda Gregory was forced to read the hymnal with English facing Latin. Solving the puzzle of Latin while bored in church inspired decades of study in language. The study of ancient Greek and Latin unlocked not only a passion, but also a new way of thinking and approaching literature, history, art, and culture.

Before coming to Morristown Beard School, Amanda spent over a decade dedicated to the Classical world and Classical languages. She earned her B.A. from the University of Georgia in 2009 with a triple major in Greek, Latin, and History and a minor in Art History. She went on to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Wisconsin and taught several undergraduate courses in the Humanities.

While deeply invested in the Latin curriculum and instruction at MBS, Amanda also teaches courses in the English department and in the Advanced Seminar Program. “Although I found my personal passion in literature and language, I realize that’s not going to be the same for most students. My aim is to enrich students’ experience of the world around them, to help them pay attention to subtlety, detail, and nuance, and to help them become strong thinkers in every discipline, not just the ones I teach.”

Amanda is also engaged in a variety of extracurricular, community and administrative activities at MBS, including serving on the Social Justice board as the Gender Equity Coordinator, running both the fiction and non-fiction book discussion groups for the parent community, and working in the Center for Academic Writing. She also serves as Director of the MBS Summer Institute, which offers experiential, multidisciplinary programs that incorporate elements of design thinking.