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Diversity & Inclusion

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Large group of diverse Upper School students pose as a group inside a school building
A World of Inherent Diversity

Students at MBS come together inside and outside of the classroom to create an inclusive community of understanding.

Morristown-Beard School believes that an education for the twenty-first century is an education in interdependent cultures, ethnicities, genders, economies, and religions. Our students are encouraged to recognize that we live in a world of inherent diversity, and to imaginatively reflect on what it means to act responsibly in and upon such a world. Drawing inspiration from the freedom and values of the School’s curricular philosophy, faculty and students at Morristown-Beard School come together inside and outside of the classroom to create an inclusive community of understanding.

Our Community

Morristown-Beard School views its commitment to diversity as an ongoing process of community-wide education.

Our students attend the Student Diversity Leadership ConferenceWidening the Lens: The Far Brook School Diversity Conference, and the Trans-Youth Forum annually.

Student-led groups, including GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), Spectrum (LGBTQIA+), Kaleidoscope (multi-cultural diversity club), Mental Health Matters, and Amnesty International, hold regular discussions, organize events, and engage with the broader community to address the experience of students at school and beyond. 

Faculty and staff at MBS are encouraged to participate in ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance their understanding of diverse perspectives, expand community-wide  cultural competency, and enrich their own curricular philosophy. 

MBS offers community members opportunities to expand their cultural competencies through Social Justice Parent Discussion Forums, organized annually by a cohort of parents in collaboration with the Social Justice Committee. The Multicultural Collaborative Group is an MBS parent group that seeks to build multicultural responsivity and inclusion at MBS. Our parent groups all seek to advocate for strategies that promote inclusion and support diversity.

At the 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly, MBS students celebrated Dr. King’s legacy through spoken word, song, dance and video.

Students at Trans Youth conference
Singer performs during a musical
Student gather in a cabin for a retreat

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Klarissa Karosen

Klarissa Karosen

Titles: History, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Degrees: M.Ed., Santa Clara University
B.A., San Jose State University