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Tuition & Financial Aid

Total Cost of Attendance

Upper School $40,760
Middle School $39,230


MBS families may select one of three payment plans offered through Tuition Management Solutions. A ten-month plan beginning July 1 allows for equal payments to cover the cost of one year's tuition. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee, and participation is on an annual basis. Families may also opt to pay in two installments - 60% of tuition due July 1 with the remaining 40% to be paid by November 1, or 100% of tuition due on July 1. There is a $10 fee associated with the two installment plans.


Morristown-Beard School is committed to upholding our tradition of enrolling a qualified and diverse population. Admission is granted without regard to a candidate's ability to pay, with our financial aid program therefore serving as a vehicle for strengthening the student body and enriching the experience of all MBS students.

Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost of an education and a family's ability to contribute to that cost. We believe that parents have an obligation to provide for their child's education to the extent that they are able, and therefore utilize the services of TADS to help determine a family's eligibility for financial aid. Several factors including income, assets, liabilities, and the number of children in tuition-charging schools are taken into consideration. In order to apply, families must complete the TADS application, and file copies of the 2016 and 2017 IRS Form 1040 with all schedules and W-2s with TADS by the deadlines listed below.

In accordance with Morristown-Beard's Financial Aid Policy and Procedures, parents who are divorced, separated or have never been married are both required to file with TADs and provide all required supporting tax documents. While families must reapply for aid each year, unless there is a significant change in demonstrated need, we are committed to continuing support at the original level of funding. Due to the complexity of the financial aid formula, we are unable to provide analysis without a full application; however, we encourage all families who believe that they may be eligible to apply. Please do not send any financial documents to MBS. All paperwork must be submitted directly to TADs.


For all families applying to Financial Aid, please adhere to the following deadlines:

TADS Online ApplicationDecember 31

4506 Form (signed but not dated)February 18

2016 and 2017 W-2sFebruary 18

2016 and 2017 US 1040sFebruary 18

2016 and 2017 Business P&L and Balance Sheet
(if applicable)
February 18

Please submit all required documentation directly to TADs. Do not send any documentation to Morristown-Beard School.

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